Tomato soup with croutons 

Curry soup with green peas

Onion soup with croutons


Starters, cold and hot


 Mixed salad with goat cheese, honey and nuts (Vinaigrette)

Lamb's lettuce with bacon croutons and balsamic vinegar

Italian salad (with cheese, ham and tuna) 

Deep fried camembert with red fruit marmalade

Tomatoes à la Caprese (tomatoes with Mozzarella cheese)

Manchego cheese with tomato jam

Prawns Cocktail

Gamba pil pil (prawns in garlic-oil)

Prawns kebab with dates and bacon

Carpaccio of beef

Broccoli au gratin with mushrooms, boiled ham, cheese and cream sauce




Spaghetti Bolognese (pasta with minced beef and tomato sauce)

Spaghetti Funghi (pasta with mushrooms, ham, cheese and cream sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese al Forno (pasta with minced beef and tomato sauce au gratin) 

Spaghetti Funghi al Forno (pasta with mushrooms, ham, cheese and cream sauce au gratin)

Meat dishes


Fillet of pork with mushroom sauce

Fillet of pork with black pepper sauce

Fillet of pork au gratin with cheese and cream sauce

Breast of chicken with mushroom sauce 

Breast of chicken with black pepper sauce 

Fillet of Argentinian beef with herb butter and onions

Fillet of Argentinian beef with black pepper sauce

Entrecote with herb butter and onions (beef Argentina)


Garlic dish (steak of beef (entrecote) and breast of chicken with cold garlic cream)


Mixed grill (Fillet of beef, fillet of pork, breast of chicken with mushroom sauce) 

Breast of chicken with curry-sauce , cream and fruits


Fish dishes


Fried king prawns

Fried steak of salmon

Steamed fillet of salmon in white-wine sauce and cream

Fried sole with garlic parsleys butter

Fillet of sole, stuffed with prawns in piquant cream sauce


Side dishes: salad or vegetables and German fried potatoes or rice or pasta




Hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream

Vanilla ice-cream with hot sour cherries

Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce

Tarte Tatin (French speciality - warm caramelized apples on a crispy pastry bed) 

Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice-cream



Bread and butter